How BEO AR works

Connection with an expert for live guidance in real time

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BEO AR Application is an augmented reality application which is built in Android using Augmented Reality tools. The modular apps provide faster support for machines and systems worldwide, minimize machine downtimes and significantly reduce technicians’ outlay.

A digital connection between support staff and service technicians is established via smart glasses. If an on-site technician needs the system know-how, they can communicate with the back office via the smart glasses. To diagnose the problem more quickly, the technician and the supporter have a look at the system together.

Key Features:

  • Easy user identification by QR code verification
  • Works on Android 5.0.0 and on latest versions
  • 50% less effort to support employees through live video feeds
  • Increases productivity for end users
  • High security through end-to-end encryption
  • Connections between glasses and PC can be easily saved and sent
  • Connect to an expert in real time via AR glasses
  • Minimize machine downtime by quick reactions

What is it

An application which can be used on Android and Windows applications

What can you do

The app transfers the camera image of the glasses to a PC

A PC headset and a headset connected to the AR glasses, allows you to communicate
between the glasses and the PC

On the PC you can make a screenshot of the current transferred image and put a mark on it.
The screenshot can then be sent to the glasses and displayed there

What is needed

AR glasses with internet connection and Android version 5.0.0 or higher

PC with internet connection and a VLC player

What is it
What can you do
What is needed